Breakout Spaces
Neehau understands people work in different ways and these needs can change day to day. With this in mind, our purpose built working facility support everything from quiet conversations and collaboration through to personal reflection and meditation. 
Our big breakout spaces are welcoming areas designed with comfort and collaboration in mind for members to connect.
Whilst our quiet areas are spaces designed for rest and tranquility.

Public/Common areas
Our common area is a dynamic working environment designed for productivity. Spaces are defined with partitions and variations in floor and ceiling level. Activities that require a higher degree of visual or acoustic insulation have been catered for with phone booths, conversation spaces and break area.
The areas have been specifically designed to create opportunities for members to connect and collaborate with different members. 

Neehau is what happens when strangers meet.
Neehau is not only for work, but social interaction and living
Neehau believes a good working place should aim to provide happiness and sense of belonging for its community. We want all members to feel valued and to reach their goal and purpose.
Our public spaces are multi-functional and can be re-imagined and configured depending on the communities’ needs, from day time work through to evening events. 
Become a member and benefit from collaboration and human interactions, that research shows increase open-mindedness and working efficiency. Whilst incorporating nature throughout the space will deliver a sense of belonging and comfort and energy that we believe you won’t find anywhere else.

Breakout spaces to meet and talk

Our breakout space is a welcoming area designed with comfort and collaboration in mind. With soft seats and soft lighting, lower ceiling height and secluded from other business areas, this unique area will make you feel welcome and comfortable to sit where you desire to have conversations with others.

Quiet areas to reflect and rest
Our Quiet Area is positioned away from the entrance points and is protected from acoustics and activity. The space uses unique music and environmental background noise to calm the mind and senses for relaxation and time-out from the busy world.
The quiet spaces are partitioned and have different light intensity, acoustics and privacy levels.

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