Co-Working & Collaboration
Rent a coworking space at Huaihai International Plaza, Xuhui District, Shanghai. Being a collaboration of its own (between China, Australia and Italy), Neehau has designed a purpose-built co-working space that encourages connections throughout the day – because we believe good things happen when you meet strangers. Rent on an hourly to monthly basis. Permanent or casual.

Why consider a co-working space?

Research shows collaboration and human interaction increases open-mindedness and improves productivity. Neehau follows this research acknowledging that the workplace should provide happiness and sense of belonging for its community. 

Our open spaces have been designed to inspire unique experiences for members. Integrating nature into the design increases comfort and energy levels and delivers a break from the sensory overload of the busy, digital world. 

Neehau will be your place to improve performance and be inspired to meet and collaborate with those around you and benefit from the synergy that results from working with like-minded people.

Neehau is what happens when strangers meet.
The business benefits from hiring an open desk
  • Rent only as long as you need to on a casual to permanent basis
  • Rent for an hour or a month, to a year
  • Access all of our best of class services
  •      Internet – Communication grade wireless network
  •      IP Phone handsets with reception and message handling services
  •      Overseas VPN available for international organisations
  • Join the Neehau community and attend meetings and networking events
  • Build your business connections and opportunities
  • Instant business address at a premium location.
  • Reception and administration staff plus full IT support help run your business.
  • Access to all meeting rooms, quiet areas and break out spaces. 
  • Access to member facilities across the world
  • Colour Copiers, Scanners and Online Faxing and printing directly from your desk
  • Voicemail with SMS and Email notification
  • Document Storage and Secure Destruction
  • Postage and Couriers
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Leave your phone and company name, we'll contact you
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    +86 400 6618 258
    Address: 8th floor, Huaihai International Plaza,
    1045 Huaihai Middle Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
    For enquiries and further information
    +86 400 6618 258
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    1045 huaihai middle road, xuhui district, Shanghai
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